Visa Procedure

Entry to the Schengen Area :


  • Please make enquiries upon Consular authorities in your country in order to find out whether you need a visa for your stay in Switzerland.

Think about contacting them in advance as it might take up to 4 weeks to have an appointment with the Counselor.

Wait with purchasing your tickets until your visa is granted. Also, please check if you need a biometric passport for entering the Swiss territory.  ( Russia - obligatory from September 2015 ; China, India, Pakistan - since November 2015 ).


  • For a stay up to 90 days, visa type C is the visa you should apply for. You will be sent an invitation letter which is most of the times sufficient to obtain your visa.

In case you decided to apply to a French Embassy, please note that you will be required to present the 'Convention d'accueil'  ( Switzerland does not have the permanent representatives in all countries ). This document allows you to circulate in Swiss and Frech area throughout your stay. This document will be also sent to you by email.


  • Visa issuance in some cases can also be delegated to an outsourcing company. This TLS centres are in charge of arranging appointments, collecting the necessary documents for visa application, forwarding the complete applications to the relevant embassies.




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