Receiving payment

The CERN contract of association will show the financial conditions of the studentship and the travel allowance conditions. Not all of you will have the CERN contract, students who are financed by their Institute will be registered as trainees.

Your contribution to CERN Health Insurance Scheme is fixed at 4.86%  and deducted from the gross monthly amount. You will be paid according to the dates of your contract - CHF90 per day.

The amount of travel allowance vary from CHF200 to CHF1200 according to your place of residence at the time of the Selection Committee.


Trainees will need to demonstrate the equivalent conditions, i.e. have the necessary insurance coverage as well as sufficient funds for their stay at CERN.


Be sure to have enough money with you for your first week at CERN. Your first payment will be on your 2nd week of the contract, second payment around the middle of your stay and final payment on the last contract day at CERN.

Payments (in cash) will need to be collected from the UBS branch. Please store your money safely (safes are at your disposal at the hostels). We recommend you to pay the hostel immediatly after your first payment, and progressively during your stay.

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