Visa procedures

CERN is built across the border of Switzerland and France and you will be moving daily across the border during the programme. Both France and Switzerland are Schengen territories. A visa with multiple entries is obligatory for all persons travelling from a non-Schengen territory to France or Switzerland. It is free of charge when requested with the CERN invitation letter. The request must be made by the student from the Swiss OR French Embassy nearest to the home residence of the student.

You may not need a visa. Please note that it is your responsibility to make enquiries with the Swiss OR French authorities at your normal place of residence.

If you apply to the French authorities for a visa, a second document called “Convention d’Accueil” is needed to make the visa application.

The “Convention d’Accueil” document will be given to all of you on your arrival to facilitate movement across the Swiss/French sites of CERN.

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